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Audio Technica Communications Headset

Are you interested in live audio equipment, such as Audio Technica in-ear monitor earphones? Your go-to online source for all of your requirements is Digital DJ Gear. Whether you’re a live sound company that’s well established or if you are just getting started, we stock all the live sound equipment for any size gig. As a professional, or an aspiring one, it’s vital to have all the pieces you will need to run seamless events. You can’t underestimate the importance of being prepared. When you are playing big shows, you want to be sure you’ve got backup gear. While we offer quick shipping at Digital DJ Gear, shipping you a new mixer in 15 minutes to prevent a wedding disaster isn’t something we’re capable of doing. If you’re serious about making money with your music, you want to be certain you’ve thought ahead and come up with a plan for major issues which might come up. Make Digital DJ Gear your first choice for all your live sound mixers, PA speakers, PA systems, in-ear monitor systems, microphones, and live sound signal processors.

Audio Technica in-ear monitor earphones

We’ve got you covered at Digital DJ Gear when you need live audio gear such as Audio Technica in-ear monitor earphones for your live show. Music festivals are great ways to earn money, network, and provide sound for large-scale audience. It’s especially vital to be completely prepared for anything you may encounter during these multiple day events. Firstly, you will need to have a fairly sizeable stage setup to meet the sonic needs of a large outdoor event. Of course, you’ll need to have your high-quality microphones, PA speakers, audio mixers, etc. but one item that’s particularly important to ensure everyone is truly feeling the music is a subwoofer. A subwoofer extends your frequency response down to 45 Hz or lower and will allow for your full-range speakers to have added headroom and increased output. Aiming for the best speakers that your budget allows is a smart idea. At Digital DJ Gear, we’ve got affordable prices for everything you’ll want for an unforgettable music festival or other live music event.

Live Audio Equipment

There’s no need to go anywhere else but Digital DJ Gear if you’re in need of live audio gear like Audio Technica in-ear monitor earphones. For DJs and live audio companies, weddings are another big money maker. Weddings, along with their big financial incentives have their fair share of issues which tend to pop up and you need to be prepared for them. There are no second chances for this unique experience, which is the reason it has to be flawless, or the bride and groom are going to remember these mistakes for the rest of their lives. Song requests that are unexpected is something that’s undoubtedly going to happen. When you’re shopping at Digital DJ Gear for live audio equipment, you’re going to want to be certain that you’ve got a way to potentially hook your phone up or someone else’s for a last minute request. If a customer is really interested in hearing a track, it’s important to be able to make them happy. Digital DJ Gear has everything you will need to be a live audio equipment all-star for the next gig. Browse our selection today and never find yourself without any of the essentials.

Chauvet DJ Lighting Bags

Something which is also important to your set up is buying lighting equipment such as ADJ DJ lighting effects. You may be so focused on the sound itself and buying turntables that you fail to consider how essential lighting is to your set. Sound is essential and you need to make sure you’re putting your budget towards top quality equipment. However, you also need to consider other factors that go into making a solid first impression on your audience. It is important to be prepared, despite the fact that you might assume that you will be spinning somewhere with a decent lighting set up already. Having your own lighting setup, even if it is basic in the beginning, means that you’ll be able to take more gigs. Even having a mirror ball and a strobe can work wonders in the right setting, and these days you never want to have to turn down possible work. With LED and laser effects, fog and snow machines, you’ll be certain to find something you’re looking for. Shopping for lighting gear for the first time is overwhelming for many people. Thankfully, we are here to help at Digital DJ Gear. Finding the right gear for your budget and needs will be easy with the help of our experts. When it comes to lighting gear, we don’t only serve DJs, but are also a top choice for musicians and those opening venues and clubs. For lighting gear such as Chauvet stage spotlight there’s no need to turn to anyone else but Digital DJ Gear.

DJ Gear

There’s no need to go anywhere else but Digital DJ Gear if you’re in need of live audio gear like Audio Technica in-ear monitor earphones. Digital DJ Gear is here to make things as simple as possible if you’re in need of DJ and recording gear like Audio Technica in-ear monitor earphones. You’re capable of getting all of your equipment in a single place. When you are a professional musician it’s important to find a one stop shop that you can depend on to offer quality gear for prices that will be within your budget.