Buy DJ Lighting with Multi Effects to Make your Show Stand Out

buy DJ lightingIf you’re running a show as a DJ or as the host of a club, there are several things you will need to do in order to make sure your show actually stands out. The thing about being a DJ, is that you can have the greatest skills in the industry, you can have all the fans, and you can even have the best audio equipment on earth, but if you can’t put on a show, you’re going to have a serious problem. Why exactly? Because part of your job is show business, and that means making people believe that they are somewhere else for at least a little while.

After all, people come to you with the hope of forgetting about their lives and having those moments that they can remember – moments that will keep them coming back again and again. So how do you achieve this? How do you make sure that your show has the right effects? When you buy DJ lighting, multi effects are your friends.

What are Multi Effects?

In DJ lighting for sale, multi effects are precisely what they sound  like. To put it into context, a single effect might be a spotlight or a fog machine, while a multi effect would actually involve multiple lights or effects within the same device. These effects are controlled through a computer interface, typically via a program installed on your laptop computer, or whichever device you are using to command the experience you are providing to your adoring public.

Multi effects are typically associated with lighting, meaning you’ll  be controlling anything from directional spotlights to disco balls that illuminate the dance floor. Multi effects are a great way to keep up appearances while giving your guests a new experience each time you change the effect.

Effects can be easily programmed to perform a different function every single time. Different songs or even different genres of music will require different effects, for example, lighting intervals designed to keep up with the beat. These, among other things, will help to create an amazing experience, and one that only the proper DJ stage effects for sale will be able to provide.

Practical Use

There are many different devices out there that use multi effects, one of which is ADJ’s Dotz Flood, a Wash/Binder fixture that makes use of advanced COB LED technology. It features high output along with advanced directional capabilities that will allow you to place it within the most cramped space. This device boasts compatibility with the ADJ DF FC wireless foot controller, allowing for wireless control up to 30 feet away. It comes with a multitude of other features which include:

  • Electronic Dimming
  • Strobe/Pulse
  • Pre-Programmed Shows
  • Macros
  • And much more…

DJ stage effects for saleWhile this is most certainly a great example it is only one example of a DJ multi effect system. There are many other great examples out there on the market, and the most important thing is making sure you get the one that is able to compliment the show you want to put on.

These lighting systems will be able to compliment your music and give your guests or fans a show that they will never forget. Remember that while they do come programmed with a number of different shows (most of which you will want to use at some point or another) you will need to spend some time developing shows of your own to make sure that you’re able to meet the demands of your public and the new  music that is being released each and every day.

To put it quite simply, the DJ stage effects for sale are what will help to bring life to your show and your operation. These might be effects that you carry with you (there are plenty of portable effects out there) or you might wish to have them placed in a permanent location. Either way, you’re going to light up the night.


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