Cartridges: A Piece of Essential DJ Sound Recording Equipment

sound recording equipment for saleAs a DJ you need to be ready for anything and that means knowing a number of different systems. Let’s face it, digital music has taken over for the most part, and in the vast majority of DJ booths around the country, you’re going to find a laptop full of MP3’s rather than a couple of cases full of CD’s or records. There are ups and downs to this, one of the advantages being that you can store more music and it will take up less space in your backpack.

After all, a dozen flash drives can hold thousands of songs, giving you a distinct advantage over the analog competition. There is, however, the fact that all DJ’s should know how to use vinyl turntables, and sometimes there’s nothing like that retro feel. That being said, if you’re still in tune with the old ways, you will want to find sound recording equipment for sale that supports it.

What are Turntable Cartridges?

Before we get into some of the more advanced discussions regarding turntables, one of the biggest questions that new DJ’s tend to ask, is what are cartridges and why are they important? To put it quite simply, cartridges are responsible for holding the needle that is responsible for sending sound to your speakers. Something to keep in mind is that while the older, more traditional turntables do use needles, the modern versions make use of magnets which last longer and allow the record to have a bit more life than it would have otherwise experienced.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and the evolution of turntables over the last forty years has seen a newer, higher quality turntable that does not rely on either needles or magnets, but rather a stylus that conveys a much higher quality sound. The biggest problem that DJ’s tend to experience is wear and tear on records, and styli will make this a thing of the past, or at least a more far off possibility.

Cartridge Choices

When you’re in the process of replacing a turntable cartridge, make sure you consider the tone arm mount. In newer systems you will probably find a half-inch mount. There are longer mounts in the industry, obviously, but whether or not they will work with your particular turntable is a matter of make and model. Keep in mind that using the wrong cartridge might work, but it might also cause irreparable damage to your turntable media.

The right arm length is absolutely essential for the preservation of your media, and with more advanced cartridges available today, preserving it has never been easier. In fact, cartridges and other music recording equipment are now widely available over the internet, making them very easy to obtain, and quality parts have never been simpler to find.

Advanced Features

buy sound recording equipmentWhen you’re looking to buy sound recording equipment you want to look into the more advanced features. In this case we’re going to talk about Serato Scratch Live, otherwise known as SSL. This is a feature or system that can be used on a traditional DJ setup, and it makes uses of special designed vinyl records (or CD’s if you’re of that mind) SSL combines the traditional techniques with modern storage methods by permitting you to mix and scratch with your MP3 files in the same way that you would with a vinyl record. This can be combined with a number of different software and features along with other home recording studio equipment for sale on the market today.

With so much sound recording equipment for sale on the market today, something as simple as a turntable cartridge can be lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, they’re available in ample supply and it won’t be long before you’re experiencing all of the highly advanced features that they have to offer both established and aspiring DJ’s today.


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