D.A.S. Powered PA Speakers – The Sound You Need

If you’re looking for a live sound setup that is easy to use and with excellent sound reproduction, then a powered speaker system is your best option. Particularly when it comes to DJ Equipment, a simple setup will be required. If you’re regularly traveling to different venues or playing at parties, then you’ll want a system that allows you to simply plug in and play.

If you want some of the best-powered speakers that have been designed for live sound and that would work perfectly with a DJ equipment package, then it’s time to take a look at the range of D.A.S. powered speakers at Digital DJ Gear.

About D.A.S. Speakers for DJ Equipment

has been in the audio industry for more than 40 years, making them the perfect speaker manufacturer to choose when you are building a DJ equipment package. The company is world renowned, as is preferred by professionals in a number of industries, ranging from stage productions to DJ sound, and even for sound reinforcement for live music.

Products from D.A.S. are varied, but they all share some of the same DNA. The aim is to make products that don’t compromise when it comes to quality of sound, but that are still within reach of the average working musician. If you are a DJ who is working private gigs, then D.A.S. is a great option for an all in one setup. Best of all, even when you choose something that is relatively affordable, you’ll get crowd pleasing sound with plenty of volume headroom, crisp highs, punchy mids, and powerful low frequencies.

If you want to really get the room moving from the DJ booth or on stage, then you’re going to want to take a closer look at D.A.S. powered speakers.

D.A.S. Action 12A Powered Speaker Package

The simplest DJ equipment package for live sound should consist of at least two powered speakers. That’s exactly what you’ll get in our Action 12A powered speaker pair, and we even throw in speaker stands, high-quality cables, and a gig bag.

Powered PA SpeakersThe Action 12A series speakers are great units from D.A.S. The system is relatively compact, which reduces the size and weight of the overall system. If you’re regularly traveling and gigging with your own equipment, you’ll appreciate the portability of this package. One of the great things about the speakers in this package is that they are multipurpose. They can either be mounted on stands or floor mounted in standard upright position or, they can also be used as foldback monitors, thanks to the angled base design.  DAS also has the Action M12A that was designed for monitor use if you wish to go that route.

The speakers offer good full range response, with clarity at the top end, and good bottom end reproduction. While these won’t provide as much low-end response as you would get with a 15-inch speaker or even individual subwoofers, you can be sure that they’ll be suitable for small and mid-sized venues. High frequencies are delivered by a compression driver, using a diaphragm made of titanium, which increases responsiveness for good frequency response. The frequency range is from 50 Hz to 20kHz, so these will be perfect for a wide range of music styles.

Of course, these are powered speakers, so you’ll get 1000W peak performance from each speaker, with no need for any external amplifier. Simply plug these right into your mixing desk, or they’ll even connect directly to the line level outputs on a number of DJ control units.

Need More? Check Out Our Other Packages

You can view the full range of D.A.S speakers and components in our Live Sound category, and you’ll even find individual speakers if you want to build your own DJ equipment and live sound package. D.A.S. make high-quality subwoofers if you need more bottom end, and there’s even an upgraded 12A package which includes an 18-inch powered subwoofer.

If you want quality live sound, D.A.S. is a name that you can trust, and if you want to buy them in the USA, then you can rely on Digital DJ Gear. We offer standalone components and packaged live sound equipment, as well as all of your favorite DJ equipment, recording gear, lighting, and even stage truss systems.

Explore our range today and see the difference that high-quality equipment can give you.


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