DJ Jazzy Jeff – Serato Icon Series


From Serato’s site:

One of the few DJs that could be considered a household name, DJ Jazzy Jeff has worn a few different hats throughout his career. From DJing to producing and then all the way back to DJing, his enjoyment and passion for all things musical is obvious in his own reflection of his persona.

“Jazzy Jeff is a music lover, a DJ, a producer, songwriter, music collector, vinyl junkie, gadget fanatic and all around lover of life and happiness.”

Growing up in West Philadelphia, it was the summer afternoon block parties where Jeff gained his love for music and the happiness it could bring. He’s extremely proud of where he’s come from and it’s this pride that pushes him to be the best.

“I grew up in west Philly, Philadelphia has always been a hard town. You try as hard as you could to make people in your home town proud of you. Philly has put that fire inside of you, that you just always want to do a good job.

“You know, you kinda waited for those summer Saturdays that someone blocked the street off and you just pulled some big speakers out and some turntables and just played music for people.

“I remember looking at the guy playing music so passionate that I had someone hold my bike while I danced with a girl and I just wanted that kind affect on people.”

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