DJ Lighting for Sale – The Benefits of LED’s

DJ lighting for saleThe art of DJ’ing is not new but we are definitely entering a new stage of technology where everything has to be questioned. The old ways just aren’t cutting it anymore and there are a great many people out there who are seeking newer technology and new ways to bring their show to life. Today we are going to have a discussion bout DJ lighting for sale and more specifically LED lighting – the new alternative to par cans. So what is the benefit of using LED lighting exactly? How is it different from any of the previous options that we might have had? We’re so glad you asked! Let’s address some of the differences.

Why are LED’s the Preferred Choice in DJ Lighting for Sale?

First of all, over the last few years, LED based fixtures have definitely seen some growth in sales whish shouldn’t be too surprising. Not only are they more fun, they’re a lot cheaper, which gives every startup DJ and every small organization the ability to experience premium lighting for their show with very minimal expenditure. LED lighting has in fact become so popular that rental companies have started stocking a wide range of them right alongside their conventional lighting options. If you haven’t worked with LED lighting before, we’re going to give you a few pointers and let you know exactly why it’s so exciting!

The LED Hype: Worth It?

Okay, let us start out by explaining exactly what LED lighting is. This stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is significantly different from a conventional bulb. Aside from being different in construction however, there are several other differences to consider.

It’s Low PowerLED’s draw a smaller amount of power than par cans or other lighting options which means you can use more fixtures with less power. Not only will the energy bill be lower, you can actually do more, and that’s amazing!

It’s CoolerHave you ever heard that Billy Joel song where he refers to a ‘white hot spotlight’? That wasn’t a metaphor; spotlights, by nature, are pretty hot. That being the case, if you find yourself beneath one you’re probably not going to be happy for very long. Now LED’s do most definitely produce heat, but they don’t cause quite as many problems.

They’re ConnectedNot only are LED’s lighter, they come with hardware that will actually allow you to connect to them via WIFI. Rather than manually turning them, you can connect with your phone or other device and interact with them remotely, even if you’re on the other side of the building.

Digital DJ GearThe Effects are AmazingThe brightness of LED’s is much greater, as you probably know by now, but you will also find that these fixtures are able to produce more colors by mixing all three of the primaries (red, green, blue). By blending these, producers are able to create some incredible effects and colors. Sure, it can be done with regular par cans but it’s not nearly as effective!

They Last for a Long TimeLED Manufacturers usually release an estimate for how long their LED fixtures will last in comparison to traditional light sources, and it’s not a small number. Sometimes it can be a difference of thousands of hours or even tens of thousands. That being said, LED lights are energy efficient and they will save you even more money in the long run as you won’t have to keep buying bulbs.

DJ lighting effects for sale are always going to be a bit expensive, but LED’s drive the price down and let everyone in on the fun which makes them better all the time. That said, if you are running any kind of venue or working as a DJ, switching to LED’s would definitely be within your best interest. It’s time to light up the room while cutting down on the energy consumption.


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