DJ Lighting for Sale – Three Things you can Do with Lasers

When you hear lasers you automatically think high tech, and you can be rest assured that it’s going to bring people to your club. Lasers can be a bit on the expensive side but in our opinion they are absolutely worth the investment, especially if you want to air the fact that your club is a bit more modern than the others. That being said, lasers as DJ lighting are both critical for your operation, and they are a lot of fun. Can you really get any better than that? Once you get your lasers, however, what do you do with them? How do you use them to make your establishment a rousing success? Let’s take a quick look at three ways you can use lasers in your club setting.

Laser Beams – The Ultimate DJ Lighting Solution

buy DJ lighting effectsHave you ever been to a show that used laser beams? Have you ever been in a situation where the laser display actually made the show worth watching? We’re going to admit that we’ve seen more than a few, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the lasers are just that good or if the main event is just that awful. Either way, lasers are an outstanding addition to any show and definitely something to consider when you buy DJ lighting effects.

Laser beams show your audience or venue a set of structures in mid-air and they can take on any number of different shapes. Some of the most popular include cones, fans, or light shafts. In any setting, you will probably need some additional elements to make the lights and shapes more visible; fog, for example. Fog machines can help to amplify the power of the laser beams and make the experience far more enjoyable – plus, it looks pretty cool.

When you’re setting up your beams, remember that you can make them either fast or slow. With programmable devices you can even make sure that it plays in time with your music, which makes for an outstanding show. All in all, it helps to create a science fiction feel in a modern day setting, which is always going to be cool no matter who your audience happens to be.

Laser Graphics

Using these, you can display your  logo or any other number of graphics. Along with being able to show them off, you can also animate them. The one limitation that we absolutely have to make you aware of is the level of detail that a laser show can produce. These are generally stiff outlines and frame by frame animations. You won’t be breaking any ground here, but it looks cool, and that’s all that matters. You can use these to get the attention of your audience and show just how modern your facility is. It’s a great way to raise awareness that you exist and it can cut right through the competition.

Combine the Two

DJ lighting for saleThe third thing that you can try is projecting both means and graphics at the same time. One of the most common methods of achieving this is through the ‘screen and beam’ technique which involves showing graphics on a center screen with beams on either side. The great thing about laser graphics is that they can be seen on nearly any smooth surface whether you are inside, outside, or somewhere in between.

Some of the best DJ lighting for sale is able to cut right through the competition and help you to give a show that your guests or audience members will never forget. Lasers  can be an amazing tool for anyone, and now would be a great time to start taking a look at the available options. We have plenty of different makes and models in our store, and many of them are the best in the industry. This is one lighting option that you don’t want to overlook, and you will find that a little bit of light can go a long way.


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