Light up the Night with DJ Lighting for Sale

There are many things that make a good disc jockey, the primary attribute being skill, and of course the ability to choose the right music for the right situation. A lot of it, however, comes down to equipment that the DJ is using. If it is not up to par, then the show itself isn’t going to be very good.

DJ lightingAs a DJ you do have a responsibility to make sure you’re using the best equipment, but some of it falls to the venue itself. As a shared responsibility, you should make sure that when you buy DJ lighting, you are getting the best possible deals and the best possible lighting for your venue.

Types of Lighting to Consider

When you are looking into the different types of DJ lighting it is important for you to consider the three different types; if you just focus on one, your tenure as a DJ may in fact be very short lived:

Dance Floor Lighting: This type of lighting is best for your participants and will benefit them the most. While they are on the floor, it is important for you to provide a bit of an illusion. Sure, the world outside that floor might exist, but your job is to make them forget about it for just a little while. Your spotlights, smoke machines, and light pallets will allow them to exist in a surreal environment for a bit, and allow them to forget their troubles. While a DJ’s job is obviously to play music, their other job is to help transport their participants to another time and place – a place where only the music exists.

IF you can pull this off, then you’ve most definitely made it as a DJ. Also consider looking into light controllers that allow you to change the rhythm of your lighting to match the music that you are playing. As a DJ, the experience that you are able to provide is what puts your reputation on the line. That being said, you want to make sure everyone gets an experience that they will never forget. Most importantly, you want them to tell their friends all about it when they get home.

Stage Lighting: Sometimes part of being a DJ is pandering to others whether you’re on the stage or off to the side. Proper stage lighting is much like dance floor lighting, though it is made to illuminate those who are performing rather than those who are dancing. Finding a set of lighting that works well with your dance floor lighting is essential, and here you might also want to employ a good set of fog machines. Once again, it will be within your best interest, as well as the best interest of your performers to make sure you have a set of lighting that meshes well with the music choice, which of course means a good controller.

DJ lightingBooth Lighting: This isn’t really for any specific sort of effect, but rather to make sure that DJ is able to do his or her job. These lights will typically be placed over the controller whether they are built in, or added to illuminate specific parts of said console. The general idea however is for them to be low light so that they get the job done but remain unnoticed by individuals on the dance floor or the stage. Now, there are other types of booth lighting that you can consider, such as LED lighting to illuminate the exterior of the booth itself. You should definitely be able to find these options among the top DJ lighting for sale, do make sure that you add it to your arsenal – it’s more important than you might think.

As you can see, there are many different types of stage lighting as well as dance floor lighting for you to consider when you are either working as a DJ or attempting to set up your venue. If you’re ready to make a huge impact as either the DJ or the venue owner, then now would be the time to start looking into the different options and making sure you’re ready to present properly when the time comes to play.

Take a look at all of the DJ stage effects for sale and understand that we are not only the best quality option, but also that we are one of the most affordable. It’s time to light up the night.

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