The DJ Mixer Explained

A core part of any DJ’s equipment package, the mixer helps you mix and direct your sound. It’s the DJ mixer that allows you to perfect your sound and perform many tricks that many DJs build their careers on. When you understand the functions of a mixer, you have plenty of opportunities to step up your game. You can provide a professional performance while taking advantage of learning opportunities. Whether you learn with a friend or from YouTube videos, it’s our job to give you the tools you need.

At Digital DJ Gear, we don’t just sell mixers. We look for the highest quality brands and mixers with strong customer reviews. We know how hard it can be even for experienced DJs to tell the difference without hours of research. We guarantee anything you buy with us will meet the highest quality standards. 

What is a mixer, and why do you need it? What kind of controls come with a mixer? 

Understand the Moving Parts with Quality DJ Mixers

How do mixers work, and what kind of features can you expect when you receive yours? Each mixer has two channels with the players hooked up to inputs. These could include things like a CD deck, laptop, or vinyl turntable. Each channel comes with multiple inputs including a phono and line in. What about the knobs? 

The first knob the signal hits is known as Trim. This knob controls the sound level of the associated channel. You can think of this as a sound equalizer on your computer. It ensures that the signals filtered through the mixer all have about the same volume. You can use Trim, also known as Gain, to increase the volume if it’s too quiet. You can also lower the overall volume if it’s too loud.

Next in line, you see the EQ (4). The majority of mixers use a three-band EQ. This includes knobs for treble, midrange, and bass. You can use these to adjust the frequency band. If you want smoother mixing, you should use the channel EQs.

Next, you’ll notice the channel’s level meter (5). This displays the volume after the Trim and EQ. You may not hear certain channels in the club. You still need to set them to the proper levels, though. The level meter can help you do that.

Finally, you get the channel upfader. It can be closed entirely. You can also reduce the volume to a trickle in the fader or intermediate positions, or you can let it all through with the fader open. You can use this to create the smooth transition between tracks you often hear in clubs. All of this goes into the final sound produced by your mixer. 

Professional Results When You Buy a DJ Mixer Online

We know you can buy your gear just about anywhere. There are stores nearby. You can also find plenty of discount retailers online. Just like anything else, though, you have to pay for quality. When you buy a DJ mixer from us, we guarantee you reliable and diverse equipment. The beginner may not think of this first. Even if you only DJ for a little while, though, you provide a great performance every time. Then you can sell your gear for more when you’re done with it.

Better gear makes it easier to get premium results. So many DJs stay in the business for longer and do the work. With fewer crashes and other problems, you can be confident in your equipment. That means customers can believe in you. You also spend less time and money at the repair shop or buying new mixers and other equipment.

At Digital DJ Gear, you’ll also find the best prices on your equipment. We take out the fees you pay for retail fronts and other common overhead to offer you better deals. You aren’t choosing a discount retailer selling cheap items. You’re choosing the product first and then getting the best price. You can buy mixers and other individual pieces of equipment or packages. It’s up to you.

Once you choose what you want, you can order it online. Then we’ll have it shipped straight to your door. You don’t have to rent a truck to get everything you need from the store to your house. Digital DJ Gear makes everything convenient. Whatever your plan are, let us help you get off to the right start with the equipment that makes it easy to find your success.







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