DJ Stage Effects – Consider Lighting and Other Effects

Stage EffectsIf you are veteran DJ or are just starting out there is some things you should consider to expand your clientele and the overall ambiance of your set-up. DJ stage and lighting effects can make a huge difference in terms of the vibe you wish you convey, and the clientele a good performance and set-up can bring in. Next to sound quality, and a good ear for what the crowd wants to hear, DJ effects should be prioritized next.

An experienced DJ who knows what the crowd wants to hear, combined with good sound quality, and stunning DJ effects can turn any function into a magical event to remember. So, what DJ effects should you consider? There is a vast market for DJ effects and equipment some of which very good and some not so good. You can get professional DJ equipment and effects that look and sounds great for a price that isn’t going to break the bank. DigitalDjGear has you covered!

Let There be Light!

When you are considering what DJ effects will have the biggest impact on the visual aesthetics of your set-up, lighting cannot be overlooked. A good lighting scheme can be the difference between a lively, captivating display to go along with your jams, or a snooze fest. There is a wide variety of lights and DJ lighting effects, sure to enhance the overall feel of your set-up and will get people out on the dancefloor. From spotlights to lasers, strobes light, wash lights, mirror balls, and even disco lights, the proper lighting is key. LED emitters are another solid option; they can be programmed to switch between different color lights and sequences. You can program LED emitters to light up any color in just about as many different patterns as you can imagine.

LED emitters are great but they aren’t the only kind of light that can be programmed. We offer a wide variety of programmable lights that include: strobe lights, wash lights, moving head lights, spot lights, and mirror ball lights. Many of these lights can be controlled via controllers with various effects on them such as dimming effects, and control over which sequences you like to use. Lights that are compatible with controllers offer a much wider range of what you can do with your lighting. Digital DJ Gear also offers a variety of lighting packages for your convenience, feel free to check them out!

Other DJ Stage Effects and Accessories to Enhance Your Performances

DJ Stage EffectsWhile lighting is an important asset to have, it is not the only way to enhance the quality of your performances.  Any experienced DJ knows that a big issue with having a ton of great equipment is transporting that equipment. We have a great selection of bags and cases that can make transporting and setting up your equipment far less of a pain! Another great accessory to add flair to your gigs are smoke machines, there a few things more visually captivating than lasers beaming through clouds of smoke.

The combination of lasers and smoke machines could be considered a staple of any great DJ set-up. Bubble and foam machines are another great option if you’re looking for additional effects. Bubble and foam machines can offer a new and exciting element to your performances that are sure to bring in more exciting and stunning display is crucial for a DJ to maintain good business.

Why We Are the Best Choice for All Your DJ Needs

DigitalDJGear has been providing aspiring and veteran DJs alike with the top of the line equipment for competitive prices for years. Our team of knowledgeable professionals are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding DJ equipment and accessories. No generic responses from us, we take the time to work with potential customers to make sure their needs are met.

We here at DigitalDJGear know what DJs need because we are DJs, our staff of veterans know the industry in and out and are more than happy to assist! With the rapid advance in technology and equipment, it’s easy to fall behind and be taken advantage of with obsolete equipment or inflated prices. We stay ahead of the technological curve so you don’t have to.

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