Essential Studio Recording Equipment: The Fostex TH900 MKII Flagship

When it comes to running your own studio, at home or at a professional venue, there are certain things that you are going to need if you are going to be a success. Now undoubtedly there are certain bells and whistles that you can probably do without, and you don’t need the fanciest gear, but one of the most important things you can get when looking for home recording studio equipment for sale is a good pair of headphones. This is where the Fostex TH 900 comes into the picture.

Headphones: The Music Recording Equipment that Makes it or Breaks it

home recording studio equipment for saleYour equipment is nothing without a good pair of headphones. After all, you need to be able to hear  the audio if you’re going to record or mix it properly. If you can’t hear it in all its glory and with the quality it deserves, then you might as well hang up your hat and throw in the towel right now. This logic will apply whether you are DJ’ing in a busy club, or recording in a studio at home. So what is it about the Fostex TH-900 that makes it worthy of filling this coveted position in your equipment arsenal?

First of all, the Fostex TH-900 is literally the first high end headphone to roll off of their assembly line, and it seems to have remained the king of headphones for all this time. The unit has many features that one would consider to be very impressive including:

  • 5 Tesla Magnetic Circuit
  • Bio-Dynamic 50mm Diaphragm
  • Urushi Finished Craftsman Housing
  • 7N OFC Cable

There are obviously more features to consider, but these are some of the most important, and some of what makes Fostex one of the greatest audio companies in the world. More than one review has states that the sound with these headphones is linear with every stage, all the way from the top, to the bottom. One of the biggest problems with most headphones on the market is that they tend to feature what would be called a recessed midrange coupled with an overpowering bottom end.

These headphones, on the other hand, are very well made, and with that being the case, the sound is equal throughout all areas. In other words, you can expect to not only have a good sound when you use these headphones, but an actual, true representation of the audio that you are listening to. Sure, maybe no one else will hear it the same way you do on your studio recording equipment but when you use these headphones for mixing, you’ll know that your end result will sound outstanding, and of course stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny no matter what. If that’s not a good feeling for any aspiring DJ or recording artist, then we don’t know what is.

This is a great headphone that fits well, and provides you with the outstanding sound that you need. Could you really ask for more? Sure, the price might be a bit high, but when you want to be the best, you’re going to need the best equipment, end of discussion.

Further Examination of the TH900

music recording equipmentFurther examination of the TH900 shows us a product that not only looks good to the casual observer, but also shows home recording studio equipment for sale that is able to achieve a much wider dynamic range than the majority of equipment on the market. Additionally, the headphone housings, are finished with a traditional Urushi lacquer known as Bordeaux, with the name ‘Fostex’ foiled on the housings.

If you’re looking for comfort in your audio equipment you need look no further, the TH-900 ear pads are created from protein leather and use an eggshell membrane to convey the utmost in comfort. As you can see, this music recording equipment isn’t exactly for the beginner, but instead provides a high end experience for the advanced musician, DJ, or recording artist who wants to make a real impact and hear the music as it should be. An entirely new world awaits you inside your studio recording equipment, and these high end headphones will let it out.


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