Going Simple: Basic DJ Mixers

When it’s time to look for a basic mixer for your DJ setup, then there’s only one company that you need to remember – Digital DJ Gear. We stock some of the best DJ and professional audio brands in the world and offer them at prices that make them more affordable for musicians and entertainers of all levels.

When you need a new DJ mixer, or even a digital mixer to replace your old deck setup, there are a few preferred recommendations that can help you to get started in your search.

Looking for a DJ Mixer Online?

DJ MixersIf you are trying to find the simplest way to shop, then online shopping is definitely the answer. Through our site, you will get access to all of our products, ranging from DJ gear, all the way to professional live sound and rigging equipment. Best of all, you’ll be able to buy your products online and take advantage of free shipping throughout the contiguous United States on qualified orders.

A drop-in replacement mixer will be necessary if you need to replace a worn out mixer on your CD or vinyl deck setup. For this, we recommend going with the Mixers Cut DJ Mixer. It’s a simple two channel mixer that comes with none of the bells and whistles that you will find on modern controls. For many DJs, this is preferred, particularly if you like working with records or CDs. You won’t get bogged down by any features that you won’t need, and you’ll still get total control over your EQ, levels, and crossfade.

The built-in crossfader is designed to stand up to live use and is rated for 4 Million cycles. That kind of durability is simply unheard of with some modern equipment, so you’ll definitely appreciate this ‘back to basics’ DJ mixer.

Want to Enter the Digital Realm?

For anyone that is looking to take up DJing as a hobby or even as a profession, digital mixers can be a good choice. They are more suited to those who have limited space and who want an all in one package that includes the mixer as well as the control decks. Also known as DJ controllers, these devices are affordable and relatively easy to use.

A digital mixer will take the audio from a connected source like a laptop computer or smartphone. Different mixers have different capabilities, with some allowing you to shape the sound with various effects, and there are even mixers that incorporate scratch pads and performance pads for triggering samples that allow you to create music on the fly.

DJ mixersThe Hercules Instinct P8 Ultra-Mobile USB DJ Controller is a great entry level choice that will provide you with plenty of features to start experimenting with. It can connect directly to your laptop, giving you access to all of your digital music files. That means you won’t need to worry about separate vinyl or CD decks, and you’ll have less equipment to carry around when you are performing live. The mixer section includes sound shaping controls, volume sliders, and a high-quality crossfader. There are four programmable performance pads per channel, as well as two scratch pads that allow you to perform similarly to how a DJ would on a traditional turntable.

Best of all, the Hercules Instinct is a DJ mixer that has a small footprint, so it’s great for a desktop in a home studio, or on a small stand for a live show. Don’t be fooled by the low price and small size, because this is an entry level unit that can produce high-quality sound, and it includes all of the basic features that you need to start perfecting your DJ skills.

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Digital, virtual DJ mixers, and traditional standalone mixers – whatever you are looking for, you’ll be able to find the best products at Digital DJ gear. With competitive pricing and an extensive range, there’s no better place to shop for your DJ needs.

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