How to Build a Basic DJ Equipment Kit

Electronic music has become one of the fastest growing and most important genres in recent years. If you’re thinking about taking up DJing as a hobby, or even if you’d like to start booking gigs as a professional, then you’re going to need the right gear. No matter how talented you are, the equipment that you choose could make or break your career, and can even impact the fun that you have as a DJ; which is why you’ll need to buy DJ equipment packages that will get you off to the right start.

At Digital DJ Gear, we offer high quality entry level, mid range, and high end DJ equipment.

What You Need in a Basic DJ Equipment Package

DJ Equipment PackageOne of the most important aspects of your kit, will be your DJ controller/mixer. If you’re planning to emulate and innovate on what the best modern DJs do, then most of your music will be coming from a digital source. A DJ controller will allow you to interface with your laptop, and mix all of your digital MP3 files with the use of jog wheels and performance pads. A jog wheel will give you the same kind of control that traditional vinyl DJs have, with the benefit being that you get perfect scratch response and you can even change the resistance of your wheels. If you’re used to spinning vinyl, you won’t have any trouble adjusting to an electronic jog wheel.

A modern DJ controller will also incorporate performance pads that can allow you to shape your sound, trigger samples, activate effects, or perform any function that your computer software will allow. Even when you purchase an affordable product like the Hercules DJ Control Jogvision, you’ll get top quality pads and jog wheels, as well as an integrated mixer with volume and cross fade controls. Because your controller may be able to interface with industry leading software like Serato, you’ll be all set to start moving dancefloors and provide entertainment at any event.

Monitoring Headphones When You Buy DJ Equipment

Your DJ controller and laptop will allow you to be as creative as you want with your music, but you will need a set of good headphones so that you can cue your tracks and monitor your mixes. A controller can output directly into any live sound system, but headphones will provide the best audio when you’re on stage or inside of a DJ booth.

Headphones can range in price, but you don’t need to jump right to the high end when you’re building your first package. If you want an affordable option that still provides great sound quality, then you could look at an option like the Zomo HD – 1200 Professional Gold DJ Headphones. These are closed back headphones, so they provide isolated monitoring and great audio quality. The lack of ambient noise means that you can que your mixes without being disturbed by the live sound. These headphones are designed to provide excellent bass response and crisp high frequencies, which is essential when you are dealing with electronic music. One of the best things about these headphones is that you could also use them to produce your own music at home, whether you are creating remixes or even writing electronic music from scratch.

At Digital DJ Gear, we also stock other top brands, such as AKG, Pioneer, Shure, Audio-Technica, and others.

Live Sound for DJ Equipment

DJ EquipmentIf you want to be completely flexible with the best DJ equipment, then you should consider investing in a live sound system. Powered speakers will mean that you can take your gear to any event and be ready to set up and start moving the crowd.

Powered speakers don’t require a separate amplifier, and can take a direct line level signal from your DJ controller. D.A.S. is one company that provides high quality loud speakers that are designed for life on the road, and they produce some of the best sound quality in the industry. If you need to tighten your budget even more, then you could consider Mackie, Peavey, or EV speakers when you buy DJ equipment packages. EV is an excellent choice in the entry level professional range, and you can purchase 12-inch powered speakers for under $400 in most cases. Your speakers will be an investment that you can use throughout your career, and even if you upgrade other elements of your DJ equipment package, your speakers will keep on performing for many years to come.

Get the Best Beginner Equipment at Digital DJ Gear

No matter what kind of music you play, or where you will be playing it, we have the right DJ equipment to get you off to the best start. Browse our range today, and get your creativity flowing with one of the most exciting aspects of modern music.



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