Chauvet DJ Obey4 D-Fi 2.4 w-less DMX controller for LED fixtures, 2.4Ghz

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Chauvet DJ Obey4 D-Fi 2.4 w-less DMX controller for LED fixtures, 2.4Ghz
Obey4 D-Fi 2.4 wireless DMX controller for LED fixtures, 2.4Ghz transmitter
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Obey 4 D-Fi 2.4GHz combines two popular control products into one, easy-to-use controller. The perfect solution to easily control the Freedom series of 100% true wireless fixtures, this controller allows you to run an entire system around a ballroom without ever running a single DMX cable.For color mixing or selecting pre-mixed colors, easily connect any 4-channel LED fixture and easily set your desired color with the touch of a button. Compact, easy-to-use wireless DMX controller for LED fixtures (up to 4-channels) Built-in D-Fi 2.4Ghz transmitter sends wireless DMX signals across the room Controls an unlimited number of Freedom-series fixtures Compatible with all CHAUVET D-Fi systems that operate on 2.4Ghz Controls up to 4 separate fixture addresses for maximum control during playback Each fixture can be in different playback modes simultaneously Playback options include automated, sound-activated or manual RGBW/RGBA Playback modes: Preset: 9 built-in colors Chases: manually trigger automated programs Color macro: manually scroll through the color spectrum RGB fade: automatically scroll through the color spectrum RGB fade delay: automatically scroll through the color spectrum with a small delay to each fixture Auto: randomly selects different colors for each fixture Variable fade times for all playback modes Variable strobing on the fly Adjustable blackout allows fixtures to fade in and out Adjustable audio sensitivity

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