Never underestimate the importance of an equipment car, or handtruck. If you are constantly traveling and touring, you know that it’s not easy to haul huge, heavy equipment from vans and buses through busy streets, bad weather, and up or down narrow stairways. You just never know what your venue will really require when you’re arriving to set up. An equipment car can be tremendously helpful in these situations.

The Importance of Equipment Cars/Handtrucks

1) They can keep your gear from being damaged. You’ve spend crazy money on your speakers, controllers, and a variety of other gear, not to mention accessories! Some of these items are oddly-shaped and really large, even if they’re not heavy. And some things are just heavy. You’ll be risking your equipment if you insist on trying to lug it in your arms. An equipment car is a safe, easy way to carry those heavy, large things without risking dropping them on the ground to smash.

2) They can keep you from getting injured. All that lifting can take a toll and impact your ability to perform if you’re exhausted from touring, then faced with the task of setup and breakdown every day. Do yourself a favor and use an equipment car to avoid dropping something heavy or straining yourself.

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