Guitars are majestic instruments. They can provide the simplest backbone, or steal the show. They’re also capable of making incredible ranges of sound with the right effects. Choosing the right guitar pedal can help you to extend your guitar’s capabilities and push the limits of your sound. Strings are another factor that impact a guitar’s sound.

Choosing Guitar Pedals and Strings

Guitar effects can be almost undetectable, or make totally alien sounds that might remind you of what music would sound like on a distant planet. Your guitar is where it all starts, but effects can distort and amplify a simple sound into something truly surreal. carries multi-effects pedals and guitar amps with built-in effects sections that you can explore as you push the boundaries of your sound.

Guitar strings are another important factor in overall sound. Each type of string has its own qualities and characteristics. They’re usually categorized by thickness, or gauges. Smaller gauges are typically easier to play, safer for antique guitars, and work well for those who like to bend notes and fret, but they break more easily and produce less volume. These are better for those who prefer a gentler sound. Heavier gauges are a little harder to play and require more pressure, but they produce greater volume and are better for louder styles.

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