Founded in Grenoble, France, in 1999, Arturia specialises in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians.

Arturia is a team of passionate people dedicated to musicians. They dare to create original and different instruments, imagine new experiences and reinvent products.

Operating in 55 countries, They have offices in France, in the USA and since 2014 in Mexico.

Arturia Microphone – Best Reviews, Cost, and Price Online
Arturia microphones are innovative products, founded in Grenoble (France) in 1999. They are designed to give both amateur and professional musicians the ability to take their recording to new heights, plus get the best price online. Digital DJ Gear strives to bring you the latest advancements in musical instruments, audio products, and the most recent advancements in technology.

  • Audio-Technical AT4033CL Cardioid Condenser Mic


  • Audio-Technical AT2020 – Side Address Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone
  • Audio-Technical AT2020USB PLUS Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone
  • Audio Technical AT2035 Side Address Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone/Mic+Case
  • Audio-Technical AT4040 Pro Studio Cardioid Condenser Mic

Arturia Headphones-Best Online Price with the Best Reviews

Arturia Headphones are durable and comfortable, yet professional monitor headphones that are tuned flat for incredibly accurate audio monitoring, especially across an extended frequency range. Your studio experience can be enhanced with superior sound isolation and swiveling earcups for convenient one-ear monitoring that offer excellent sound isolation. These DJ headphones are created with pro-grade materials and robust construction, the M40x excels in professional studio tracking and mixing, as well as DJ monitoring for one great low price online. These headphones deliver accurate audio and outstanding comfort which is perfect for long sessions while on the go or in the studio and online reviews agree.

  • Audio-Technical ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Arturia Wireless Instrument System -Best Reviews and Most Affordable Price Online 

Find an affordable digital wireless such as an Arturia Wireless Instrument System at Digital DJ Gear. This digital hi-fi system operates with advanced 24-bit operation in the 2.4GHz range. Your instrument system will be the best for live performances, public addresses, places of worship, and more. This system will be able to automatically determine and sets the best available frequency, which is great when you are using multiple systems. This system can offer you a diverse operation, easy setup, automatic frequency scanning with interference-free performance, and all the advantages of a high-quality, professional wireless system at an extremely affordable price online.

  • Audio-Technical ATW-1101/G Wireless Guitar System 10 Digital 2.4GHz

Arturia Wireless Microphone-Best Online Reviews and Price 


An Arturia Wireless Microphone (Link to mic) is cable free, enabling the performer to use it without the need for annoying cables. These work on radio frequencies that allow the sound to travel from a transmitter to a receiver, instead of the traditional microphone cable. Sometimes when you are at a gig, you need to be able to move around which an ordinary microphone would not allow, and sometimes cables can look messy. At Digital DJ Gear we stock a range of Wireless Microphones to suit performers and musicians of every type, such as vocalists, public speakers, and more. If you need some advice on what kind would work well for you, read our online reviews, or search our inventory of wireless microphones and you can find the perfect solution to your needs.

  • Audio Technical ATW-1101/H System 10 Digital Wireless Headset Microphone System
  • Audio-Technical ATW-1101/L Wireless System – Lavalier Microphone
  • Audio-Technical ATW-1102 System 10 Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone Set
  • Audio-Technical ATW-1302 Wireless Handheld System 10 Pro Digital 2.4GHz
  • Audio Technical Dual Handheld Digital Wireless Microphone System 10 PRO ATW-1322
  • Audio-Technical ATW-RU13 System 10 PRO Receiver Unit (2.4 GHz) NEW
  • NEW Audio-Technical ATW-T1001 System 10 Wireless Bodypack Digital 2.4GHz
  • Audio-Technical System 10 PRO Digital Wireless – Lavalier Wireless

Arturia Wireless Monitoring System –Best Reviews and Great Price When You Buy Online 

An Arturia Wireless Monitoring System will allow you to have freedom of movement and optimum control. Wireless monitoring is the best way to find out if the sound is working between band members regardless of where you are on stage, regardless of the sounds around you. As an ideal complement to our high-quality microphone solutions (wired and wireless), here at Digital DJ gear, we have wireless monitoring systems, which excel by user friendliness and their intelligent features and come with the best online reviews. Wireless monitoring by Arturia offers powerful transmitters and receivers which can provide you with an audio signal that can be mixed and equalized according to individual needs and preferences at the best price when you buy online.

  • Audio-Technical M2M Wireless In-Ear Monitor System
  • Audio-Technical M3 In-Ear Wireless System Band M

Arturia Midi Controller and Synthesizer-Best Online Reviews and the Best Online Price Once you read the best online reviews, you will want to go out and buy an Arturia Midi Controller, and Synthesizer. There are multiple options, and when you buy both, you will be able to generate sound as well as MIDI data. Synthesizers come in all shapes and sizes, but they resemble a small piano. Many of the newer options will offer hundreds of instrument sounds along with effects that are pre-set. The controllers will offer you versatility and mobility. With both, at the best price online, you will be able to bridge the digital world with the analog world, make amazing sounds, and you won’t have to comprise quality.

  • Arturia Minilab 25 Note Mini Keyboard w Software (LINK!)
  • KeyLab 25 25-Note MIDI Keyboard Controller w Software
  • KeyLab 49 49-Note MIDI Keyboard Controller w Software
  • KeyLab 61 61-Note MIDI Keyboard Controller w Software
  • Arturia Keylab 88 MIDI/USB Keyboard Controller w/ Analog Labs Software

Arturia Virtual Synthesizer Software-Best Online Price and Reviews Agree If you are looking for hardware that is hybrid and software instrument with a fluid workflow than the Arturia Virtual Synthesizer Software is for you! This is the newest instrument available, and it will allow you to take creating beats to new levels at a great price when you buy online. It’s built to be high quality, and the amazing sound, workflow and creative tools in the award winning Spark Engine software make these combined powerhouses the ultimate beat-creating tools and the online reviews agree.

  • Arturia Sparkle Hybrid Drum Machine

Arturia MIDI Controller and Sequencer-Best Online Price and Reviews

The Arturia MIDI Controller and Sequencer offers possibilities that are nearly endless. These were designed to give

you the control you need, regardless of what you are working with (loop triggering software, VST instrument or effect, and more). You will have access to performance and a degree of functionality that you have never seen before in a portable pad controller. As the online reviews suggest, you will be able to fulfill multiple requirements for a variety of musicians. There is not another controller and sequencer on the market offers this level of control plus a step sequencer at the best online price.

  • Arturia Beat Step Sequencer and MIDI Controller
  • Arturia Beat Step Pro MIDI USB Analog Digital Drum Controller

Arturia Analog Synthesizer-Buy Online for Best Price

You will have a variety of options when it comes to buying an Arturia Analog Synthesizer online. Your new “`DJ equipment will be right at home along with your computer“` (

or your vintage synths and will be the ideal companion to deliver a pure analog blast anywhere you go. The online reviews will tell you that these offer pure analog sound, along with a multiple wave oscillator with wave-shapers. You will quickly see that no shortcuts were taken in making sure that the sound stands up to any analog synth on the market for the best price at Digital DJ Gear.

Arturia Virtual Synthesizer Software-Best Online Price, Reviews, and Cost If you want a software synthesizer beast, you need Arturia Virtual Synthesizer Software. With this software, you will have access to over 5,000 amazing synthesizer sounds that you can twist and warp with 15 built-in effects. For a low cost, the software will include Arturia’s re-creations of the hottest synths possible. You will love how easy it is to find different types of sounds quickly, and if you want you can purchase the full license of any of these synths, you can tweak the presets and save them to your preset list. The built-in effects, in-depth editing, and ability to combine presets make this equipment the best on the market for the best online price at Digital DJ Gear.

  • Arturia ANALOG LAB Virtual Software Synthesizer Download
  • Arturia ARP-2600 V Virtual Software Synthesizer Download
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