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What is the  Zed-12FX 12-Channel Recording Mixer?

If you are looking for the best, then look no further. The ZED series alone was the top-of-the-line product that anyone would go for if they wanted the absolute best. Well now, there is the ZED FX. The ZED FX Recording Mixer gives the best effects, this quality and integration are only available from the ZED-FX. The DSP engineers behind the mixer have worked hard to craft and refine beautiful algorithms that no other company has recreated. The ZED FX Mixer comes with a huge feature set along with 16 newly added essential time-delay effects. This recording mixer is perfect for those smaller groups who want the great quality at their recordings and gigs without the hassle of carrying around a large effects unit.

What do you get the most for out of the ZED-14FX?

The ZED FX has 16 unique effects, along with the DuoPre mic preamps, Musiq EQ section and 100mm faders that are shared with the whole ZED range. The best part about the ZED FX is that the FX is easily controlled by using only three buttons and 9 LED lights. Open quickly dial in just the right amount of Reverb on the lead vocal, or just simply tap the ideal delay time. The navigation and editing are just as easy as using effects pedals, resulting in one-stop navigation and editing. All you need to do is hold down the TAP button press the down or up button to change the effects parameter. The ZED FX was designed so that a small band would only need the mixer to fulfill all the functions that a sound engineer would accomplish. All of the features and the layout on the ZED FX mixer has been completely arranged to allow easy functioning at a dark gig along with being easily recognizable after just a few uses.

What are the inputs the come on the ZED FX Recording Mixer?

One of the best benefits from having a ZED Series Recording Mixer is the majority of instruments you can plug into it. The following are the inputs you get:

  • 3 Dual Stereo Channels(Each with main stereo input on jack sockets)
  • 6 Mono Channels
  • 6 Mic/Line Channels dual inputs, both with gain and 2-band EQ
  • Ability to take Additional Stereo Inputs from Sono Sockets
  • USB Audio Input

As you can see when you purchase the ZED 12FX 12-Channel Recording Mixer you are getting so much more than you might have thought. The ZED FX Mixer is going to blow your mind with all of its functionality, and you are going to wow everyone in your group/band. If you were interested in looking at this Mixer or for more details, go to the Digital Dj Gear website ( now!

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