It’s important to have reliable cases and bags that you can trust to protect the equipment that you use to define your career. We offer protective cases made by the brands you know and trust, and bags that support the most efficient storage and transport of the equipment that is the lifeline of your work.

DJ Cases & Bags

As a DJ or audio engineer, you invest a lot in your equipment. You’ve spent the money on the quality equipment that enables you to build your brand and develop the sound you’re known for. A big part of your job is transporting your equipment across busy streets, in and out of cars and vans, and into countless venues all over different cities. If you’ve invested in owning great equipment, it only makes sense to invest in protecting it with cases and bags that will ensure its longevity. Your equipment should be with you long into the blossoming of your career, and taking proper care of it by storing and transporting it carefully is crucial to that goal. Investing in proper protective cases and quality bags is one of the best measures you can take to keep your long-term spending lower and rely on your equipment for many years to come.

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