If you’re serious about your career as a DJ, you already know that audio interfaces are one of the most crucial pieces of gear for mastering, mixing, and production. However, many overlook this fact, at the expense of their careers. An audio interface may be the one essential piece that is condemning your work to the amateur pile and preventing you from being recognized as a professional.
Audio Interfaces
Although initial ideas can appear anywhere, to really bring them to fruition and do them justice, you need to bring them into a proper studio with an appropriate hardware setup that includes an audio interface. The integrated soundcard that comes with most laptops is usually put together as cheaply as possible, and the sound reflects that. If they are stressed too heavily, these computer or laptop integrated soundcards can cause many problems, including but not limited to heavy distortion to the audio signal and electrostatic interference. Your audio will be reproduced with errors and your mix will lack the detail that could really set you apart from the rest. If you’re serious about your sound and you’re invested in making the mix that will take your DJ career to the next step, you need to invest in a quality audio interface.
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