Choosing the best CD and media players as a DJ is important because the capability of this equipment will determine the ease or difficulty of your music collection management, your potential for music control and sound manipulation, and your ability to slice and splice your own unique beats. It’s important to choose CD and media players that will support the software that you’re going to want to use.

Choosing the Best CD and Media Player

From multi-touch display screens, potential for beat-grid-based playback, search abilities, and every potential for having all you need at your fingertips, we have numerous CD and media players that offer different features to suit different types of DJ styles and preferences. Our diverse array of CD and media players boast unique sets of features that will make it possible for any DJ to experience creative flexibility and ease of creative expression. Whether you need something to play various audio formats, multifunction triggers, SD and USB drives, or numerous output feeds to mixers, we are sure that we will find something to suit your individual style and preferences.

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