The market is overwhelmed with poorly constructed headphones that make great claims and don’t live up to any of them. There are also headphones that are great for casual use, but not for the in-depth sound analysis that a true DJ needs. We’ve outlined some of the features that are most important for a DJ when searching for the perfect headphones.

Important Headphone Features for DJs

Noise isolation: if you are going to be mixing in a super loud environment like a venue or at your own show, headphones with amazing noise isolation can help you zero in on the effects you’re using so you don’t find yourself straining to hear or unable to mix the way you want. It can also keep you from prematurely losing your hearing.

Bass and sound accuracy: Tight mixing is impossible without accurate headphones. You have to be able to really hear the bass and every detail to be able to have complete and nuanced control.

High-quality cables are vital. A thick, flexible cable is great for DJing because it grants you more freedom of movement. It won’t snap, and its flexibility will allow you to perform and keep tabs on all of your equipment.

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