When people see a turntable, the immediately think of a DJ. Even non-DJs associate a turntable with cutting-edge sound and a mysterious figure controlling an entire crowd. It’s crucial for any DJ to choose a turntable that reflects their sound, personality, and brand.

Choosing the Right Turntable

We offer turntables from brands that you know you can trust, but we’ve collected some advice from the pros about a few things to consider as you search for your perfect turntable. Whether you’re looking for a turntable with features like hybrid torque, or a straight arm, or MIDI and Serato compatibility, we carry items that fit those needs. We carry products that outperform other brands when it comes to important features such as flutter control, S/N ratio, and playback speeds. Check out our curated collection to find the turntable that will help you to establish yourself and your brand as you take your career to the next step.

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