As a DJ, you know that presentation is everything. Scrims and covers are helpful for covering up unsightly cables and preventing trips and falls. This protects you from liabilities. Scrims and covers also tuck speakers out of sight and and create a visually attractive coverup for stands, trussing, and tables.

Scrims and Covers

DJs are as unique as people in the world, and they’ve innovated countless ways to store and present their gear at a show. Whether you’re searching for a facade to neatly tuck everything away, some scrims for coverage, or any amount of cover or organization in-between, we carry scrims and covers that address many different DJ needs and preferences. If you are deeply committed to stunning visual presentation, scrims can benefit your performance. The opaque fabric functions like a projector screen for your lights, allowing them to wash over your audience and engaging them even more. We carry tripods and racks, stands, tables, and many other cover and organization items that you might fold into your routine and presentation.

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