For any digital DJ, the right software is key to learning quickly, staying ahead of your scene, and constant progress into new sounds. Serato is well-known for their cutting-edge kits and software programs.

Choosing a Serato Program

We carry Serato software for every DJ, regardless of skill, experience, or sound. Whether you’re looking for a Serato DVS expansion pack download, Serato Pitch N Time PRO of any variety, or everything all together, we have numerous different Serato programs that can help you expand your sound. Serato is a vinyl emulation program that can offer hip-hop shows some of the benefits of vinyl, but the convenience of digital formats. Essentially, Serato allows DJs to play on the physical medium that they know, like CDs or vinyl records, but have the songs play from a computer. With Serato, a DJ can assign a song from their computer to a record that carries a time code rather than a song. This time code indicates where the needle is on the record, and Serato allows a DJ’s computer to play the assigned song as if the needle were on that exact point of the actual record.

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