If you control your own lighting on top of performing as a DJ, you know that having the right controllers and dimmers at your fingertips is super important. You are responsible for every part of your audience’s experience: both sound, and visual. It’s important to have complete control. Great DJs carefully think about which controller or dimmer is right for their style of performance.

Choosing a Lighting Controller or Dimmer

Controlling your own lighting as a DJ is a huge responsibility and it’s crucial to establish your workflow so that you can seamlessly coordinate lighting effects and sound at the same time. Digital DJ Gear carries controllers with many different features that cater to DJs with diverse needs. Whether you require a Chauvet DJ stage lighting controller, a smartphone-based WiFi and DFi controller, and infrared controller, a universal controller, or more, our enormous selection is thoughtfully curated to ensure that any DJ, regardless of their goals or performance styles, will find something perfect for their workflow. Browse our different styles and products to find the missing piece of your performance puzzle.

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