Lighting effects can take your show from standard to unreal. As a DJ, your goal is to light your audience’s senses on fire in multiple ways, both visually and through sound. There are many different ways to do this. If you’ve perfected your sound and you want to take your performance to another level, exploring lighting effects may be your next step.

Choosing Lighting Effects

Whether you strategically coordinate every aspect of your lighting and sound ahead of time, or you love to feel your audience’s energy and improvise accordingly, we carry products from designers that cater to both preferences. As technological advances continuously reshape the sound and lighting industries, it can be dizzying to choose the right lighting effects for you, especially if you travel and perform in different venues that already have some lighting aspects. Constantly integrating your own collection with different sets of pre-existing gear can be a challenge. Our collection includes wash lights, ColorKey StageBlinders, mover beams, laser simulator effects, haze machines, and a variety of other effects. For more intimate performances, we carry LED strand lights and more. If you’re interested in amplifying your performance overall, browse our lighting effects collection to find the perfect effects for the vibe you envision.

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