Why use a wash light? They’re great for events. You can change the color of a room, create a warm glow, and even overlap them.

The Perks of Wash Lights

Are you lighting a small theater, for a video, or for an event? Wash lights are used for many different purposes, and they are customized for specific uses. For example, if you know you want to overlap multiple wash lights, you might want to look for one with a brighter center. Other wash lights come with full color fixtures with pre-built color temperature palates. For an event, you want to consider where your power sources will be located, and if you want to be able to run your wash light with a battery. Are you going to want LED or incandescent? Are you lighting a small space, such as a piece of scenery on a stage? Are you hanging your wash light closer or farther from the stage? Will you need a fresnel lens for perfectly even lighting for filming? We know that wash lights can be used for countless applications, and many different features become necessary depending on your needs. We trust that we will have something perfect for you.

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