As a DJ, you know that creating a stunning visual environment is a huge part of your performance as a whole. If you’ve invested your hard earned cash in great lights, what’s the use if you can’t really see them?

Why Use a Fog Machine?

This is why fog and haze machines are important: they really maximize the effect of every beam of light in the air. If you’re going really large scale, fog machines are fine, but a haze machine might be a better option for you if you tend to perform in smaller venues where fire alarms might be triggered easily. If you really want to take your performance to a mind-blowing level and make your audience feel like you have actually transported them to another world, bubble and snow effects can give that fantasy feeling.

Take a look at our options below- we have something for everyone and we know that there are many different kinds of performances with different visual requirements. Whether you’re bringing down the house at a wedding or illuminating a stadium, we are prepared to help you manufacture the effect that you want.

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