Sound is only one part of putting on a killer performance. Lighting effects add excitement— they help your audience experience your music visually as well as through sound. Elevate your audience’s senses by choosing the right lighting parts and accessories for your type of performance.

Choosing Lighting Parts and Accessories

For a relatively low cost, lighting can add another entire dimension to your performance that will take you that much closer to your professional goals. Whether you plan to light indoor or outdoor venues, a club, a place of worship, or a band, we carry a diverse array of lighting parts and accessories that will allow you to customize your your lighting setup for the vibe that you want. Additionally, if you’re in charge of your own lighting without help during performances, accessories like remote controls, capacity for programming, and foot pedal controls will be helpful. Our enormous collection is sure to have the perfect items for your goals whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for lighting parts and accessories to augment or modify your pre-existing collection.

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