Even new DJs understand how fragile lighting gear can be, and you know the importance of sturdy bags and cases to transport this important gear. Regardless of your lighting setup, we have many bags and cases made by brands you trust to make sure that your gear makes it to your show and back safely.

Our Lighting Bags and Cases

Whether you are looking for a padded gear transport bag, a microphone bag, or something that will reliably transport your collection of LED lights, we have something for you. Some DJs prefer something more armored for maximum protection, and others value lighting bags that are light and minimal for ease of transport. Some want to fit as many things as possible in secret pockets and compartments, and others want bags and cases that are tailor-made for one specific item. Some prefer protective cushions and foam, and others want softer, flexible materials. Regardless of what you require to protect the equipment that you’ve invested in, we are sure to have something that meets your needs.

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