Live Sound

You can put on the best show of the decade, but it won’t mean anything unless you’re able to provide the best sound with the best possible equipment. Sure, mixers and decks are a great thing, but what do they sound like? You need the audio to carry, and most importantly, you need to make sure that you’re providing your audience with an experience! Part of that experience, of course, is going to be making sure that the sound is up to par. With our massive selection of equipment, we can guarantee just that!

Your Speaker Selection

Live sound starts with the best speakers, and we guarantee a great selection of both passive and active speakers that will make your show nothing short of amazing. While you’re looking at speakers, don’t forget to take a look at the numerous racks and stands that will help to support your equipment and keep it functioning optimally.

Wireless Systems

Nearly every performer needs a wireless mic these days. Not only is it more convenient, it helps you to put on a better show. There’s nothing quite like being able to roam anywhere on the stage, and to give your performers the exact same level of freedom.


Without a quality DJ mixer, live sound would be nearly impossible. Mixing consoles are used to ensure a smooth transition between sound recording which can come from several different sources. This includes compact cassettes, CDJ’s, turntables, and of course digital DJ software.


From microphones, to wires, to replacement parts, you’ve certainly got a huge selection, and we’re happy to point out that we have the best, and the latest equipment for both the aspiring DJ and seasoned professional. Additionally, our live sound packages will furnish you with the complete package, suited to any type of show that you are planning to produce. It’s time to make some serious noise – let us help.

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