Choosing the right microphone can be a difficult task— there are so many different kinds. How are you supposed to zero in on what’s right for you?

Choosing the Right Microphone

What are the options? There are a few, so we’ve gathered info on some of the most popular for you to consider.

Workhorse microphones are great for beginners and for those who tend to do a lot of different types of gigs. They aren’t specialized in any one particular area, but they’re super flexible so you can use them on anything from a guitar to soft vocals, and they do a great job with everything in-between.

Vocal microphones are hard because one microphone might be great for one voice, and terrible for another. However, most vocal microphones tend to bring out richness in mid-range vocals and aren’t as transparent as other microphones.

If you’re looking for a mic for instruments, professionals tend to choose small-diaphragm condensers that are created specifically to transmit very clear, detailed sound. They are great for bringing out authentic instrument tones and can cover a broad selection of instruments.

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