Mixers are created to work with specific styles, so it’s important to have an idea of what kind of DJ you are when you choose a mixer. A DJ that prefers to use turntables would need a mixer with enough channels to incorporate a turntable, and scratching and cutting capabilities. If you tend to DJ from your laptop, you’ll want to really make sure that your mixer has a USB port and controls that you can sync with your software.

What’s the Most Important Question When Choosing a Mixer?

Once you know who you are as a DJ, you have to think of the sources you’re going to use the most. Mixers are made to blend two sound sources, so what are your main two?

A major issue to keep in mind when choosing a mixer is how many channels you will need. If you’re a beginner and you’re focused on building a super strong foundation of the basics first, the most basic mixer with two channels will get you started just fine, but as you sharpen your skills and start to experiment, you might want to add new tools that require additional channels. The pros have recommended starting with a four channel mixer, even if you’re a beginner, so that you always have the freedom to improve as you get more serious.

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