If you’ve decided that passive speakers are your best choice, then you need to choose amplifiers to produce the sound you’re looking for.

Shortcuts to Choosing the Right Power Amplifiers

If you’ve decided on your speakers already, that is a huge step in choosing the right power amplifiers. Your power amplifiers should match your speakers. According to the pros, a good way to figure this out is to choose an amplifier that has the power capacity equal to twice the speaker’s program rating. It’s also important to think about the headroom on your amplifier. The more extra space, the more sound the amp can pass without distortion. The two most important things to think about when choosing an amplifier are power and headroom: your amplifier should deliver power equal to at least twice the speaker’s power rating (or three or four times). Looking for amps with extra headroom can make the difference between distortion to your sound and damage to your equipment, or clear sound.

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