Powered speakers have built-in amplifier and microphone connections. This makes them super portable and easy to set up, especially for those who are always on the move. They also save space during transport since it’s all in one handy item, no separate amps. If you’ve already settled on powered speakers, these are a few important things to think about as you choose the right one for you.

Choosing an Active Speaker

What power requirements do you expect to have? Are you going to work in very spacious venues or places where there is a lot of additional noise pollution? You might want to think about the size of your audience and the power you’re going to need.

How portable do you need your Speakers and equipment to be? What kind of handles, wheels, and cases are you going to want in order to make your transport smooth?

Are you planning to expand your sound system in the future? You might want to consider choosing an active speaker that can be expanded in the future.

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