If you’ve settled on the fact that you want a wireless microphone, it makes perfect sense: they allow you to be free to move and perform the way you want to instead of being stuck to a wire. However, there are still so many choices that it can be hard to settle on the best wireless system for you.

Choosing the Best Wireless System for You

Handheld microphone transmitters are wireless systems that have both a transmitter and a receiver are  both neatly incorporated in one item. In some options, the transmitter is compatible with an XLR connector which gives even more wireless options if that’s what you’re looking for.

Bodypack transmitters come with clips and are usually worn attached to clothing or a guitar strap. These are better for those who don’t plan to move around aggressively and work well for dialogue in recording and public speaking events.

Headset vocal mics are attached to the wearer’s head with a headband, and tend to be better for those who will be dancing, exercising, or demonstrating with a lot of physical movement. They also have great, consistent sound pickup.

The other major question is VHF (very high frequency) as opposed to UHF (ultra high frequency). UHF tends to be used by super-high-end wireless systems. However, due to its reputation for quality, many public service broadcasting channels are using the UHF band, making it more crowded. Interference has become more of a problem.

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