If you’re starting out as a DJ, a DJ package can be super helpful when it comes to getting you started as soon as possible.

How to Choose a DJ Package

A new DJ could easily look at all of the individual parts of DJ gear and get dizzy. Where to even start? What goes together? Luckily, there are some DJ packages that include all the basics you need to get started, and usually a couple of fun accessories as well. So what’s in a basic DJ package?

Usually, closed-back headphones are an important part of this list. If a DJ can’t hear what they’re doing, they can’t really mix or perform.

Controllers are an important part of any DJ package. Most packages will include a high-quality beginner level controller, so you can fade, mix, and explore effects to your heart’s content.

Some DJ packages might include turntables. It’s up to you whether you want to start strictly digitally or include some analog, but there is nothing more iconic and connected to DJ history than a turntable.

Speakers are important: how else are you going to accurately hear your music? Most DJ packages will include speakers.

DJ Software may be included in your DJ package. This will connect to your mixer or controller to allow you to layer, slice, and mix sounds.

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