Versatility is key if you’re a touring DJ. Most likely, you’ll come across a venue at some point that doesn’t have their own sound setup. This could be terrifying, unless you’re prepared with your own.

Choosing the Ideal Live Sound Package

A live sound package usually begins with a mixer. In the process of deciding which mixer suits your needs best, you have to consider what you’re going to connect to it. For example, if you’re connecting it to software, you have to be able to easily configure the mixer to your favorite software and apps. If you’re connecting the mixer to a turntable, it has to have the right number of phono inputs. If you’re using an external CD player or controller, compatible connectors are key. Think of all of your favorite devices, and make sure that your live sound package has the capability to connect to each of them. Live sound packages also include microphones, which invite more questions? Corded or wireless? Speakers also come into play. If you travel a lot or want to save some money, powered speakers are usually less expensive, and the amplifier is built in for easy transport.

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