If you’re new to music production, there are a few key pieces of equipment that are essential to any DJ’s production package

Production Packages

Your computer is super important. You probably already have one, but there is a lot of production software that really helps to connect different inputs and edit sounds.

An audio interface is key. This is what connects your computer to the rest of your production equipment, and the audio interface is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of sound, so that you don’t mix something beautiful and then have it sound terrible when you play it out loud.

Microphones are an important part of production packages. These record vocals and a range of instruments, and you need them if you’re creating original sound.

Headphones (preferably closed-back) are essential whether you’re mixing in the studio or in a performance – you have to be able to hear what you’re doing.

Studio monitors come next. These are speakers with very accurate frequency responses which allow you to hear your mix clearly so that you know what needs to be fixed.

XLR cables for your mic and monitors (usually one long and two short will do) will connect these different parts to the rest of your system.

Keep an eye out for these essential products as you browse production packages!

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