Recording is a different process for different people. If you’re a beginner, you might be able to just use a laptop. However, for those interested in really propelling your career forward, choosing gear that protects your sound is key.

Selecting a Recording Package

We understand that choosing a recording package comes with a lot of questions, so we’ve gathered a few packages that simplify the process for you. It’s important to think about the specific cables you will need for your setup. How long? How much power do you need them to be able to support? Secondly, what kind of microphone will be best for you? Corded? Or will your performer want to be super mobile and prefer a wireless microphone? Finally, do you want to use an audio interface? This will dramatically improve your sound quality if you’re serious about recording. If you know what gear you’re looking for, our intention is for our recording packages to streamline your purchasing experience so that you can get to recording as quickly as possible.

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