One of the biggest things any DJ needs to think about when choosing a truss package is the space they’ll be setting up in.

Choosing a Truss Package

At, we carry the full range of Global truss systems, which is the industry-leading brand in quality and performance. Our truss packages contain all of the trussing parts and accessories you’ll need to set your venue up perfectly. If you need multiples of the same clamp, we carry clamp sets. If you are elevating some of your gear, we have matching podium sets to make sure that your structural support is consistent. We also carry sets of baseplates so that you know your trussing system is supported from the ground up. Truss packages are created to hoist and hold your lighting gear and other things, and it’s important to make sure it’s reliable so you don’t damage your gear or hurt someone. Global truss systems are also made with a blend of magnesium and aluminum which enables them to be super stable and also very lightweight, so they can move with you.

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