Pig Hog

Pig Hog is on a mission to make the toughest, most durable cables possible, at prices everyday musicians can actually afford. Oh, and they have to sound good too. It’s a tall order, but we’re up to the challenge.

Pig Hog is all about practicality, functionality and having fun in the process. Their team is ingeniously clever, and hell bent on making sure you have great product options. Stuff that works well, looks cool, and that can stand up to the beating you’re going to give it the next time you, or your band hits the road. Or maybe you’re just rough on your gear anyway…whatever the case, we make Pig Hog cables just for you.

Pig Hog Cables are the way to go.

If you don’t know where to get the best cables for your music equipment, then you haven’t heard of Pig Hog. Pig Hog is a brand name of cables that are made with top quality resources and are guaranteed to give you exactly what you need. Pig Hog cables are the toughest, absolutely the most durable cables possible, that everyday musicians can actually afford. Their cables are not only extremely durable and long-lasting, but they also have to sound good too, and they do. When it comes to functionality, practicality, and also making good times happen in the process, then Pig Hog is where to go. The team at Pig Hog is incredibly smart and determined on making sure that customers, you, get great products for your use. These products work very well, along with looking awesome too. Another great benefit of having Pig Hog cables is that they are made to stand up to the beating when you and your band make some great gigs. That also means that storing your cables not being very gentle with them isn’t going to do any harm. These cables are perfect for any band. Even if your band is heavy rock and your throw some tremendous performances at multiple gigs where the crew and the crowd are riled up having a great, crazy time, your cables are safe. The Pig Hog cables were ingeniously created with such intelligence because no other cable is this perfect. There’s a Pig Hog cable for almost all of your bands uses, including:

  • Adapters/Connectors
  • Microphone Cables
  • Instrument Cables
  • Speaker Cables
  • Patch Cables
  • Power Solutions
  • MIDI Cables
  • Headphone Extenders
  • Lightning Cables

Even the Most grueling tour conditions couldn’t stop these cables from working. All of the cables feature an extra thick 8mm wire, tension-resistant stress relief, and performance quality connectors.

With every Pig Hog Cable comes a Lifetime Warranty.

When it comes to Pig Hog Cables, they are built to last through the most gnarly times. But everyone knows anything can happen. That is why with every Pig Hog Cable purchase comes a lifetime warranty. That means that no matter what happens, There’s a no-questions-asked policy. So don’t fret if your cable stops working for no reason, you can send it to Pig Hog for repair or replacement of the product. Now you can have the best cables for all of your equipment, that’s built to last, and not worry about any crazy mishaps that might happen along the road. Choose Pig Hog Cables if you want cables that last.

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