The Art of DJ Production

DJ production skills are absolutely essential if you want to create an end product that people can enjoy. There are a few different important parts to creating the ultimate auditory experience which things like:

  • Mashups: Combining one or more pieces of music for a more interesting and unique experience. A good mashup needs to be enjoyable to listen to and in some cases you might need to know how to do them live, which is a difficult skill to master.
  • Remixing: In remixing you use stems which are various parts of a track. These parts can include the vocals, instruments, and several other items. Remember, it’s all modular. You can use these stems to create your own tune with a completely different style.
  • OP: An original production is your very own music – no remixes, no re-edits and probably no mashups. It might be some time before you work your way up to this, but the day is coming and the hardware is out there.
  • Re-Editing: The final cut isn’t always the end, sometimes you might want to take a finished track and make some changes. For example maybe you need to remove along intro to make it more acceptable for the radio or maybe you want to create an instrumental version. The right DJ production software will allow you to do this and more.

Use the best DJ production software to make your dream come true – it’s definitely out there and there are plenty of packages in your price range.

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