If you want to create the hottest mashups, sample perfectly, and avoid mistakes, your signal processing software is really important. Whether you’re a musical nerd who loves the freedom of doing all of your mixing by hand, or you’re new to the game and prefer to use software capabilities for beat matching to guide your work, signal processing allows you to pioneer your own unique sound that sets you apart.

How to Choose Signal Processing Equipment

We’ve asked the pros about the important aspects of each type of signal processing equipment available to give you an informed breakdown.


There are a lot of different types of EQs, but their main purpose is to apply filter circuits in order to amplify or hide the energy in specific frequency ranges. In short, an equalizer can help you to draw out the sound you want and hide the rest from a given song.

Dynamic Processors

Compressors help avoid distortion, and help you to customize instruments and vocals so they fit as smoothly as possible in your mix and have the best possible effect.

Limiters can also prevent distortion, and help to maximize your preferred effect of an instrument or vocals.

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