Great headphones are a non-negotiable for any serious DJ. Whether you’re creating a mix in your studio, performing on stage, or recording, outside interference and ambient sound compromises the integrity of your work. The right headphones give a DJ the power to hear every last detail in a composition, control frequency, pitch, and range, and perform at the absolute top of your game.

Selecting the Best Headphones for You

Choose comfort. If you’re going to wear your headphones for extended periods of time, you can’t put up with an ill-fitting or painful pair. It’s often helpful to try on headphones in person to see if they suit you.

Design is important. Specifically, closed-back design, as this cancels out background noise. These are great at shielding you from ambient noises in your atmosphere.

Durability matters. You’re going to be using your headphones  for hours, transporting them, taking them in and out of cases and bags, sweating on them, and possibly stepping on them. They need to be able to hold up.

What’s the sound quality? Some headphones are engineered for all frequency ranges, while others are designed to cater to those who enjoy subwoofer ranges the most. It’s important to research the intended uses of any pair of headphones you’re starting to fall for.

Appearance! Do you like the way they look? Have you sought out photos of your idols and scrutinized the headphones they were wearing? Figure out your aesthetic and make sure that you really love the way your potential headphones look— you’ll be wearing them constantly.

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