DJs who are just starting out may wonder if active or passive speakers are better, but the question isn’t that simple. Both have their own unique strengths. A better question is, are passive or active speakers better for your specific purpose?

Choosing the Right Passive Speakers

Passive speakers are only a speaker. They require separate, compatible amplifiers and crossovers. Passive speakers are excellent for sound professionals who work with huge, complex systems that require massive amounts of power. The reason for this is that when you have a ton of gear all nestled close together with huge amounts of power running through, it’s very easy for this gear to overheat. Maintenance is also much easier when you don’t have to literally take apart your gear to manage an amplifier or crossover inside of a speaker. Strategically, if you are working with a huge amount of power, passive speakers are a great choice.

Once you’ve decided that passive speakers are the right ones for you, you have to choose from many different types: floorstanders or standmounters? What size do you want? Biwired or Single-wired? There are a lot of choices to consider. Check out our selection online, and feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

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