Even with the best speakers on the market, DJs face limitations. Loudspeakers can’t transmit the entire frequency range necessary for a stunning performance at the same time. If bass instruments and low-end frequencies are an important dynamic in your sound, your speakers are going to let you down because they can’t recreate those sounds faithfully. That’s where subwoofers come in. Subwoofers are designed to recreate sounds at the frequencies at the bottom of the human hearing range.

Choosing the Perfect Subwoofer

There are some important questions to ask yourself as you start thinking about buying the subwoofer that’s best for you. Do you need your subwoofer to be small and light for easy transport, with carry handles? These are some features to look for. Does your job require a subwoofer that can perform at full volume for a long period of time? If so, it would be smart to look for subwoofers with built-in cooling systems. Is your venue small or large? It might benefit you to look for a subwoofer with multiple bass settings so that you can customize its performance depending on the venue you’re in, the type of performance you’re doing, and the sound you want.

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