As a DJ, it’s essential to have quality baseplates and stands. Your baseplate is the foundation of the rest of your stage rig – if it’s not solid, you could hurt someone. offers a fantastic selection of baseplates and truss stands by the brands who pioneer the global standard.

Selecting Truss Stands and Baseplates

You will need solid baseplates to mount your entire system, and baseplates can vary quite a bit, so there are a few things to think about as you choose the ones that are right for you and your performance style.

How much weight will you be putting on your baseplates? Will you have an enormous trussing system with a lot of heavy lighting components? Or is your trussing a bit more basic and light? Aluminum baseplates are adequate for many, and they have the added benefit of being lightweight. However,  if you know you need your baseplates to bear a lot of weight, you might want to consider steel plates.

What equipment will your baseplates need to be compatible with? What size and shape are your trussing elements?

If you need help selecting the right baseplates, browse our baseplate selection online and feel free to contact us or read our blog post about building your stage with global truss products.

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