When you’re setting up your stage for lights, cable runs, and special effects, high-quality hardware is essential because it impacts your safety as well as your performance. It’s important to find a range of products with appropriate weight tolerances, seamless connection capabilities with your other gear, and lightweight construction for easy transportation and storage.

Choosing Truss Clamps & Accessories carries a great variety of high quality baseplates, trusses, clamps, and accessories so that you can build your stage on solid ground every time. When choosing trusses, there is a large selection to choose from, so whether you need straight square segments, arches, or square corners, we carry compatible pieces that allow you to build the unique setup that’s perfect for you.

Your choice of clamps will depend on the specific truss pieces that you are working with, but carries high-quality clamps that vary in their purpose and weight-bearing capability. We are also happy to special order specialty parts for you if you need them.

If you need any advice as you strategize about the best truss system for you, feel free to contact us or browse our online selection.

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